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July 31st Nagoshi-sai, summer purification ceremony

Nagoshi-sai, the last ritual for the Gion Matsuri festival is held at the Eki Shrine, part of Yasaka Jinja. Visitors came to pass thru the 2 meter chinowa to pray for good health. There was a ritual service where offerings were made to the deity. P...

July 29th Community leaders meet to pray at Yasaka Jinja

Priests waiting for ceremony to start. After today there is one more event on the 31st. Here the event board has been changed and now Gion Matsuri is over. Community leaders leave Yasaka Shrine.

July 28th Preparations for Mikoshi Aria

Here water is being drawn from the Kamogawa river on a narrow walkway. Unseen shinto priests, tourists, and townspeople are all trying to occupy the same space as tempers flare. Three sacred containers are filled with the water that is used in th...

July 24th After parade children present Mikoshi at Yasaka Jinja

To help maintain these traditions the children have their own separate event. These Mikoshi are not the same as the adults version, but are similar.

July 24th Maiko preform at Yasaka Jinja

At Yasaka Jinja maiko performers take to the stage. This is a rare event so the crowds are incredible.

July 24th (afternoon) Parade following Ato Matsuri

This parade is on an overlapping corse with the Yama/Hoko/Boko parade. For several blocks this overlap is really helpful for the people wishing to see both events, although the strong sun and high temperatures may change peoples minds.

July 24th Mikoshi

Here the first mikoshi team, San Waka, is preparing to put on the long supports to carry the mikoshi back to Yasaka Jinja. Here members of the third mikoshi team, Nishiki, are praying inside Teramachi at their shrine.

July 21st - 23rd Yoi Yama

This is the time right after the parade floats are assembled. Here we see some of the treasures that are included on the floats. Be a hero! Support this blog. You can support this blog with a one time gift of $5.00. This small amount can h...